15 Cute Summer Watches Under 50$

In summer mountain climbing sport there are three things to complete your look: dress, shoes, and watches. Using your smartphone may help you awhile but not like when you use a real watch. While the best watch can cost you a lot, here are the 15 cheap and cute watches under $50 you will love.

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🔺5 Summer Smartwatches Under $50

Smartwatches with different languages and multi-functions. From Touchy Style Online Store.
  • DZ09 GETIHU Watches
DZ09 GETIHU Watches| 5 Summer Smartwatches Under $50
DZ09 GETIHU Watches
Price: $15.46
GETIHU Smart Watch DZ09 Digital Smartwatch Wrist with Men Bluetooth Electronics SIM Card For iPhone Samsung Android Phone Sport. It is available in 3 colors. Know More.
  • FITZ S6 EHOUR Lovers Watches
FITZ S6 EHOUR Lovers Watches| 5 Summer Smartwatches Under $50
FITZ S6 EHOUR Lovers Watches
Price: $34.79
Feature: Fitness Tracker,Sleep Tracker,Message Reminder,Call Reminder,Back Light,LED display,Auto Date,Chronograph,Complete Calendar,Heart Rate Monitor,Alarm,Bluetooth. Know More.

  • HIPERDEAL GW68 Watches
HIPERDEAL GW68 Watches| 5 Summer Smartwatches Under $50
Price: $43.96
HIPERDEAL GW68 Bluetooth Smart Watch Sports Outdoor IP68 Pedometer Sports Smartwatch. It has 4 colors. Know More.
  • Moon Phase GIMTO Watches
Moon Phase GIMTO Watches| 5 Summer Smartwatches Under $50
Moon Phase GIMTO Watches
Price: $35.88
GIMTO Android iPhone Smart Bracelet Watch Women Men Sports Wristwatch Digital Color Screen Waterproof Casual Health Wear Clock. It is available in 5 colors. Know More.
  • NIYOQUE F6 Watches
NIYOQUE F6 Watches| 5 Summer Smartwatches Under $50
NIYOQUE F6 Watches
Price: $40.03
NIYOQUE F6 Smart Watch Men 0.96 Inch OLED GPS Remote Control Heart Rate Monitor 50Meters Waterproof Outdoor Sports Smartwatch. It comes in 2 colors. Know More.

🔺5 Summer Quartz Watches Under $50

Cute quartz fashion and casual style automatic watches. Band material made of leather. Case material made of stainless steel.

  • Novel Design Watch
Novel design Watch| 5 Summer Quartz Watches Under $50
Novel Design Watch
Price: 3.81
Novel design New Man Luxury Fashion Crocodile Faux Leather Mens Analog Watch Relojes Hombre Blue PU Leather Watches. Know More.
  • 9760 SINOBI Watches
9760 SINOBI Watches| 5 Summer Quartz Watches Under $50
9760 SINOBI Watches
Price: 23.99
SINOBI Watch for Men Sports Quartz S Shock Watches With Soft Leather Straps Eagle Claw Top Brand Luxury 2018. Know More.

  • OULM 9315P Watches
OULM 9315P Watches| 5 Summer Quartz Watches Under $50
OULM 9315P Watches
Price: 23.70
OULM Military Outdoor Men's Quartz Wrist Watches 2017 Dual Time Zone Movement Stainless Steel Case Soft Leather Strap + BOX. Know More.
  • L9842 LIGE Watches
L9842 LIGE Watches| 5 Summer Quartz Watches Under $50
L9842 LIGE Watches
Price: 23.99
Top Luxury Brand LIGE Men Watch Quartz Chronograph Watch Mens Sports Watches Leather Waterproof Fashion. Know More.

  • 4947 MINIFOCUS Watches
4947 MINIFOCUS Watches| 5 Summer Quartz Watches Under $50
4947 MINIFOCUS Watches
Multi-function Chronograph Stainless Steel Watches Men Fashion Casual Sports Men Wrist Watch Bracelet. Know More.

🔺5 Summer Wood Watches Under $50

It is a handmade watches made from wood has BOBO BIRD watch brand.

  • BOBO BIRD WK05 Wood Watches
BOBO BIRD WK05 Wood Watches| 5 Summer Wood Watches Under $50
BOBO BIRD WK05 Wood Watches
Price: $26.34
This watch for men's. The band made of leather and the round case made from wood with width 22mm. Know More.

  • WQ05 BOBO BIRD Watches
WQ05 BOBO BIRD Watches|5 Summer Wood Watches Under $50
WQ05 BOBO BIRD Watches Features
Price: $28.50
This Casual Watch thickness 12mm for men. It comes in 3 styles and without waterproof. Know More.

  • W*Q08 BOBO BIRD Watches
WQ08 BOBO BIRD Watches| 5 Summer Wood Watches Under $50
WQ08 BOBO BIRD Watches Features
Price: $34.44
This watch WQ08 model number. It is a casual and a fashion style. It is without waterproof for men and women. It Comes With 3 styles. Know More.
  • V-P09 BOBO BIRD Watches
V-P09 BOBO BIRD Watches| 5 Summer Wood Watches Under $50
V-P09 BOBO BIRD Watches Features
Price: $35.99
This one for men casual style. It has 3 bar waterproof.  It comes with two bands one from leather and other with wood. Know More.

  • V-P14-1 BOBO BIRD Watches
V-P14-1 BOBO BIRD Watches Features| 5 Summer Wood Watches Under $50
V-P14-1 BOBO BIRD Watches Features
Price: $38.63
This Watch from BOBO BIRD watches brand. It is casual and fashion style 44 mm wide, 210 mm long and 11.5 mm thick. Know More.

If you want $5 OFF try this discount code " HAPPYNEWSMILE". I hope you love my choices click here for more watches under $50 and have a great summer.

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