4 Coolest Accessory Trends From TSOS

Summer best outfit isn't just about dress look, you need to pick the coolest accessory that coordinating your state of mood and your garments. Here I Choose to you 4 best coolest summer accessory you certainly will love it from TSOS summer collection.

Accessory Mentioned:

  • Keychain.
  • Sandal.
  • Watch.
  • Phone Case.

1. Pompom Keychain

Keychain is the cutest accessory any young lady will love to have. The summer accessory collection focused on young women love this time, especially the pom keychain and give a substitute kind of examples, I picked the best 4 crushes hit as demonstrated.

Summer Pompom Keychain From TSOS
Summer Pompom Keychain From TSOS

1.A Lovely Fluffy Animal Owl Key Chain

Lovely Fluffy Animal Owl Key Chain

    • Brand Name: JQUEEN. 
    • Available Colors: 8.
    • Gender: Unisex. 
    • Price: $4.56.  --->View Details

    1.B Rabbit Bunny Monster Genuine Real Fox Fur Pompom Key-Chain

      • Brand Name:ZIRIS.
      • Available Colors: 8.
      • Gender: Unisex.
      • Diameter: ABOUT 11CM.
      • Price: $17.58  ---> View Details

      1.C Hot Flamingo Hairball Keychain

        • Brand Name: Svvzzp. 
        • Material: Fake Rex Rabbit Fur. 
        • Gender: Unisex. 
        • Available Color: 17.
        • Price: $2.33  ---> View Details

        1.D  Trinket Pompoms Rabbit Fur Keychain

          • Available Color: 6.
          • Material: Crystal.
          • Gender: Women. 
          • Price: $6.42.  ---> View Details

          2. Beach Sandals

          while going on a sweltering climate excursion picking the correct combination of shoes is an essential piece of your movement closet. you need your feet to feel good and cool, and additionally having a couple of shoes that run with your charming summer dress. look at these four casual sandals.

          Summer Sandals From TSOS
          Summer Sandals From TSOS

          2.A Comfortable Mother Sandals

            • Brand Name: JIASHA. 
            • Available colors: 2.
            • Heel Height: Flat (≤1cm).
            • Price: $21.58.  ---> View Details

            2.B Soft Skin Sandals Comfortable Women Shoes

              • Brand Name: JIASHA.
              • Heel Height:Low (1cm-3cm).
              • Available Colors: 3.
              • Price: $16.68.  ---> View Details

              2.C A2208 Beach Footwear

                  • Brand Name: LAISUMK.
                  • Available Color: 3.
                  • Upper Material: Genuine Leather.
                  • Price: $24.48.  ---> View Details

                  2.D A2207 Casual Hook-Loop Shoes

                    • Brand Name: LAISUMK. 
                    • Available Color: 3.
                    • Upper Material: Genuine Leather. 
                    • Price: $24.48 .  ---> View Details

                    3. Waterproof Watches

                    Waterproof watches is a fundamental frill when you choose to hop on a water bowl or enjoy the diving sport with your companion. here two best smartwatch and other two cute quartz watches.

                    Waterproof Watch From TSOS
                    Waterproof Watch From TSOS

                    3.A HT2 Soft Watches

                      • Band Width: 18mm.
                      • Gender: Unisex.
                      • Available Color:  6.
                      • Price: $7.49.  ---> View Details

                      3.B Moon Phase GIMTO Watches

                        • Brand Name: GIMTO.
                        • Gender: Unisex.
                        • Available Color: 5.
                        • Price: $35.88.  ---> View Details

                        3.C WOK13302 WAL-JOY Watches

                          • Brand Name: Wal-Joy.
                          • Band Material Type: Leather.
                          • Available Color: 5.
                          • Price: $4.22  ---> View Details

                          3.D CF006H X6 BIIDI Watches

                            • Brand Name: BIIDI.
                            • Function: Push Message, Passometer, Message Reminder, Heart Rate Tracker, World Time, Call Reminder.
                            • Available Color: 6.
                            • Price: $30.96  ---> View Details

                            4. Summer Phone Cases

                            Phone cases are the exquisite part for every person, it resembles the delicate cover for our Robot child (cell phone) along these lines, picking the best case resembles picking the best dress outfit for a charming child. Here I adore these four best cases for iPhone and Galaxy.

                            Summer Phone Cases From TSOS
                            Summer Phone Cases From TSOS

                            4.A Fur Hair Ball iPhone&Galaxy Cases

                              • Brand Name: Denlais.
                              • Material: Silicone.
                              • Compatible Samsung Model: Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus.
                              • Compatible iPhone Model: iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X.
                              • Available Color: 3.
                              • Price: $5.72  ---> View All

                              4.B KISSCASE GoodGirl iPhone Covers

                                • Brand Name: KISSCASE.
                                • Available Color: 2.
                                • Compatible iPhone Model: iPhone 6 Plus,iPhone 7 Plus,iPhone 6s,iPhone 5s,iPhone 8 Plus,iPhone 6s plus,iPhone 8,iPhone 6,iPhone SE,iPhone 5,iPhone 7.
                                • Price: $2.99  ---> View Details

                                4.C Matte Hard PC Nice iPhone Case

                                  • Brand Name: Wolkerfly.
                                  • Compatible iPhone Model: iPhone 6s,iPhone 6 Plus,iPhone 7,iPhone 6s plus,iPhone 8,iPhone X,iPhone 6,iPhone 7 Plus.
                                  • Available Color: 2.
                                  • Price: $2.33  ---> View Details

                                  4.D Mokoemi Mini Cartoon iPhone Covers

                                    • Brand Name: Mokoemi.
                                    • Compatible iPhone Model: iPhone X.
                                    • Available Color: 8.
                                    • Price: $4.49
                                    I hope you loved my choices of summer accessory from TSOS. If you like to look at the full collection click here and have a great summer.

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